Arthur M. Brazier Foundation: A Capacity-Building Foundation

The Arthur M. Brazier Foundation, is a Chicago-based community building foundation. It was created to build on the vision, legacy and life’s work of the late Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, Pastor, Civic Leader and Community Activist. The Foundation was formed to assist and guide not-for-profit agencies that seek to create a comprehensive and interdependent model for community building. The goal is to improve the quality of life in our African American neighborhoods.

The Foundation has identified four essential “Pillars” composing the vital infrastructure that creates a vibrant, thriving community that can sustain itself. Those Pillars are: Education, Public Safety, Economic Development, and Health and Human Services. We partner with local communities to promote transformational changes through a dynamic process, guided by and with the people and organizations indigenous to their specific communities.

The Arthur M. Brazier Foundation has the strength it needs to build, guide and support the full developmental process with measurable outcomes, which allows us to have a positive and sustained impact in the community.

Join us now at the intersection of leadership, commitment and transformation, in our promise to build on the legacy of Bishop Arthur M. Brazier. With your support, we will continue to build sustained impact on communities for generations to come. We can do this together!

Dr. Byron T. Brazier
Chairman of The Board

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