Promoting whole child development in every important aspect of a child’s life—before, during and after school, at home and across the neighborhood. Engaging parents, educators, local leaders and civic institutions to work together as partners in education. Sharing resources and promoting collaboration among local schools.

Public Safety

A long-term, comprehensive, sustainable strategy for public safety within the community. Counteracting a climate of violence with a highly personalized “prevention, intervention and response” approach (prevention through connecting youth and families with a continuum of services; intervention and response through organizing residents and connecting them with agencies that proactively address safety issues).

Economic Development

Continue to catalyze redevelopment and revitalization in the community with a focus on both residential and commercial development. Expand and improve residential housing opportunities, and develop a plan for the kinds of supportive commercial uses that attract and retain residents, to ultimately achieve an economically integrated population. Promote business development, job training and employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities for local residents.

Health and Human Services

A comprehensive approach to addressing the needs of the community’s most vulnerable individuals and families, helping them overcome challenges to live fuller and more productive lives. Collaboration among individual agencies to share resources and develop best practices to more effectively deliver and increase access to preventive, primary and public health services.