Why is the Arthur M. Brazier Foundation Necessary?

  • Community organizations are focused on accomplishing their individual mission and lack the time or resources to commit to full time, collective, community wide planning, communication and implementation. The Arthur M. Brazier Foundation provides every stakeholder a seat at the table through a central convening organization. These convening organizations are central to a community achieving self-sustainability.



What differentiates you from everyone else in the community?

  • We are not program drivenprograms are transactional in nature with defined start and end dates. Long term impact comes through systematic change.
  • We have the ability to “reach across the aisle”From a community perspective, we are not competing with the service providers for funding which allows us to operate as an objective facilitator.
  • We provide training of community leadersleaders who create a powerful vision, set and align their organizations around priorities and motivate people to achieve them, consistently outperform other organizations and are able to achieve greater impact for beneficiaries.
  • We provide resources to empower the convenerwe partner with experts that can be shared across communities, thus reducing individual community organization cost.
  • We share best practicesby working with each community we are able to see, understand and share best practices created across communities.
  • We have a repeatable model the model is designed to be customized for each committed community while embracing the uniqueness within these communities.



What are you trying to accomplish?

  • Our overall goal is to impact vitality, choice and opportunity for urban families across multiple under served communities.